Hard Drive Destruction


When we started recycling computers, we quickly learned that there was valuable personal data carelessly left on the hard drives of many computers. Many of the programs that are available to erase the data from unwanted computers, do not completely wipe the data from the hard disc. Some of the programs just delete the directories of the drive and the actual data remains on the drive. There are other programs that can restore this information for you (or someone that has your old hard drive).

Over the years, we have refined our destruction methods. From subcontracting the destruction services to another company with the industrial equipment, to bringing the equipment in house to destroy the hard drive in front of the customer. Our latest equipment is portable and can be brought to you to destroy the hard drives for the highest assurance and peace of mind to the customer. We also have partnered with local refiners that will melt the destroyed hard drive to extract and recycle the Aluminum. So some day, your old hard drive may be the aluminum can sitting on your computer desk!